Friday, June 7, 2013

I am sooo not a good blogger!

I am so sorry, for not keeping in touch more..

I wanted to delete the blog, but I have received some lovely e-mails regarding my Pondo stitch tutorials and more, and I decided to keep this blog open, and I'll post a little here and there.

The truth is, I don't have the time I used to. And beading is just not something I do much of anymore. I miss it, I really do, but there's so many other things to do.

Before I had a weekend off. My husband would be working and my son would be at his grandparents. And that left a lot of time for beading. My husband has other hours now and we have our son home like normal families. I love it. Getting more time with him, I cherish.


So since last I have turned 30, and I feel wonderful. :)

I love your emails, I may not have the time to reply, but I do read every one. ;D

Monday, March 25, 2013

Okay, here's a little update

Lately we have been doing a little spring cleaning at home. Moving stuff around so things are more neat around our house.

My husband got a man-cave down in the basement after we cleared all our boxes, and I'll tell ya, we got rid of a LOT of stuff. We had some paper that were over ten years old. Yeah I know I am only 29, my husband and I have been together for 13 ½ years ;)

We also went through our clothes, I had a few items I just can't fit anymore, in a good way ;) Been loosing a bit of weight so need to make room for smaller clothes. Yaii me ;)

My son has even been helping around a little.. We have been going through all of his toys and, he kept most of them, but the "baby" items all got tossed in a bag and up in the attic.

As you can tell I've been busy, but still had time for being crafty. Not as much as I would have liked, but hey I am happy with what I've got ;)

I made one more thing for my creative pay it forward 2013

This is what I made, sadly I forgot to take pictures of it all before I gave it away..

This is just a wrap around bracelet with a bronze flower button ;)

Some felt flowers and a vase I painted white. I will be uploading a tutorial on how to make these flowers soon.
I also made my friend an zen-tangle card like I did for the others. And I did a brown basket for. I also found a little bottle in our Tiger store, and I filled them with quotes for a crappy day. 

What else have I been up to?

I have been sewing a few things here and there. 

A sock monkey ;) he turned out so cute. I made him for a birthday my son was invited to. And they loved him so much they wanted to make two more for them. I was in such a hurry I again forgot to take pictures, I am sorry for that. The pattern I found here: Sock monkey

I made two baskets for all my candles on top of my shelf. 

 I made this basket just to try it out, the only fabric I really had left was gray and Christmas ornament themed fabric LOL, but it still turned out cute, and it is now in my kitchen holding all of our potholders. I used this pattern here: fabric basket

This purse I made from a tutorial found on pinterest ;) It was super easy. ;) The zipper and pocket in side the purse I added my self, I have to have that little pocket for my cell phone or my keys. I like this one very much, my son though it was very odd, and asked me why I would put a bra on a purse. Not realizing my bow here looked like a bra. LOL He is right though, and after that not really sure I am keeping this one ;) 

I have also had a little time for some bead related crafts ;D 

These I saw on Pinterest, there's not a tutorial for them, I made them a little different from the original one, but kept the same colors. Red and bronze 

Had a competision with a friend, who could make the longest pair of wearable earrings. She won. We had to test them out, I got really irritated of mine LOL They got cough in everything, I am not one for long earrings, these are getting in my UFO box and perhaps a new idea will rise sometime. 

Ehm.. it really does look prettier on I most say, I'll take a new picture one day. 

Just a little simple one.

"Too girly girl" was my husbands first thought, and to be honest mine also, but it looks better on me ;)

Blue, I love blue!

Here's a bracelet with a lot of different things in it. I have been knotting a little here and there. There's some wooden decoupage beads, not made by me. Some hand carved bone beads again not by me, and then there's some nylon thread and all on leather cord. It has quickly become a favorite piece. 

A little something something. 

This turned out blurry, but still hope you're able to see it. It is tied together with a cotton thread. 

A little gray. 

Well this is it for now, :) Until next time.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


yeah that's what I feel like lately.

I've been overwhelmed by pinterest. I assume most of you know that site, and I love it. I am a very organized person I love I can use pinterest for inspiration and sort through my pins, but OMG I have so many ideas, things I would like to try out and not enough time or money. And then I get disciraged, you know?

Well anyway lately I been sewing a bit, I love sewing, just haven't done it for years. Further more I have spend my energy on loosing weight, and so far so good. Spring has arrived and that means time for cleaning and getting the house in shape after a cold winter. But I am beginning to feel the need to bead LOL

But I have made some jewelry though, it's not all bad LOL, I also have a lot I haven't had a chance to take a picture of yet. Here are some earrings, it has quickly become my favorite pair. My eyes and glasses are the same color as the bicones I've used.

 These my son made for me, well he put on the beads and I made the wrapping, the chose the hoops and I adore this pair, plus they are really fun and bright to look at, right?

I needed a neutral pair of earrings and I had some "scrap" beads lefter over so these were the result.

 I love knotting. It is so relaxing and fun. These tiny 4mm round beads are so beautiful, but the where a little irregular, so not great in a beaded piece, but then I saw I have some silk thread and here it is. I can be a necklace, double necklace or a bracelet like in the picture.

A friend of mine, her mom needed a long black necklace with a loop in the middle so she would attach different pendants to it. She really likes horn, wood and nuts, this is made from horn and a silver bead. the pendant is a beautiful leaf shaped piece of coconut

his was a quick piece made from some leather scraps, just a everyday piece, I love gray and pink together.

 Here's my son doing some doodling, I have been doing some for some cards for the creative pay it forward challenge, and he likes it so much that one day I found him doodling around on a piece of paper. He is good right?

 Like I said I had been sewing a little lately, and here's a spring jacket for my son. He choose that fabric, he is 6 years old and he knows what he wants I'll tell ya. His favorite color is red as you can tell, and this star pattern is just awesome, he wears this jacket with pride, "my mom made this" he tells everyone, I get really shy when he does it, but I love him for it. He is so easy to please. And very grateful. Sometimes he asks me to make stuff for him, he is not always very realistic though LOL, has had a lot of faith in my creative abilities, but I tell ya, I do have limitations. ;)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Creative pay it forward

I have made two of the "Creative pay it forward" gifts. I still need to make 3 more and one extra just for fun.
for my friend S I pulled out my crochet hooks and made some boot cuffs for her, and a pair of earring. Further more I made her a zentangle card, here it is: This is the pattern for the Boot Cuffs

And for my friend E I also made a zentangle card and I crochet a "scarf" for her, here is the pattern I used for the scarf And the picture here:

 And the card

Saturday, January 12, 2013

So it's new year

This year I will be sharing more of my crafty ideas, project and pieces. I have a ton of unfinished things around here. My goal is to finish most of them, the ones I don't finish I either rip up or throw out.
Have you seen the "pay it forward" message on Facebook? I have posted it and I got takers straight away ;) I am so looking forward to it. I love the idea, you post this on your Facebook status:

"Creative Pay-It-Forward: the first five people to comment on this status will receive from me, sometime in this calendar year, a gift - perhaps a book, baked goods, a candle or music.. a surprise! There will likely be no warning and it will happen when the mood strikes me. The catch? You five people must make the same offer in your fb status"

So I did this even got a sixth person, she commented but after the first five, but I can't leave her hanging haha besides I all ready know what I'll make for her.

I will be posting the gifts I send and the ones I receive, I commented on four others so I am so excited. I think this is a very very sweet idea and I would like to spread a little love and thought out to my friends.

Anyway I have finished some of the first present, just need to make a card and wrap it up really nice, and the ideas.. well I think it is very good we have pinterest LOL

Feel free to follow me

So these past days I have been working on a few things to get back in to beading again. Been crazy here with Christmas and new years and I finally have time for my self again.

Bracelets first, these two I made from a pattern, you can find it here: shambaduo I chanced a few things, I beaded around the top duo and used less beads  at the beginning.

 This is actually an old bracelet. I bought it waaaaay back when, one of the very first pieces I ever bought actually. Well I was never really a jewelry kind of girl, I got my ears pierced when I was 20 and from that moment on I began to buy and love jewelry. This bracelet was made with elastic cord, but I hate working with elastic and I always manage to brake it, store bought or not. But here it is new and improved.

I wanted to make one of these bracelets cause I've seen a thousand of them and loved them, but I'd might have to face that this really isn't me. I think I'll try with some stones and not crystals, even thought about using  my sons plastic beads, you know the ones you ion, just to have some fun with it. Perhaps a make one with glow in the dark beads for my sister in law (she is a party girl)

 Plus black leather cord is not something that looks good on me either as you can see, and I am not a leather fan so this is (ofcause) fake leather, but still not me. But making the bracelet was a lot of fun and really not the last one I'll make but perhaps a goal for me is to stay more true to my self and my own style. Perhaps finding my style would be a key thing to do first, right :P

Earrings are up next

Nothing fancy just a nice pair of everyday wear earrings. I love this type of hoop, comfortable to wear and I don't drop them LOL ;) 

I saw these at MadDesigns, here's a link for ya 30 minute earrings I love the design, and so simple, you need to know C.R.A.W. to do this, I have a tutorial you can use ;)

 A pair of fancy earrings again to dark for me, but I still love them a lot. Aren't they cute? And very simple.

 Last but not least I have a ring I made. It is my design, I used Pondo stitch for this.

 Here it is on me. I love rings, but I have chubby fingers so it's rare I find rings that fit me. That is one of the reasons I taught my self how to bead.

So this is it for this time, take care and I'll be back soon with some pay it forward update ;) Yaii I do hope I have inspired some of you out there, feel free to contact me or leave a comment. I love hearing from you. ;)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mischievous elf

This year we decided to make it extra fun for mu 6 year old boy. He LOVES it when the school elf comes to visit during December, so we wanted to have one here in our house.

We arranged for out Elf to arrive in the mailbox with a book on November 30th.

Isn't he cute? I found him on ebay (of cause) he even giggles when you push his stomach. ADORABLE! We wrapped up a book for our sin to read, 24 short chapters for each day of Christmas. We normally open up presents on the 24 th of December, this year we are trying to wait until the 25 th, but the rest of the family here in Denmark have the 24th as a tradition, but we'll see how to spin it, either way it's fine by me. ;)

This little Elf does mischievous things almost everyday, sometimes even sweet thing. He always comes with a letter and some candy cane striped yarn. 

Here is the box filled with the little things an Elf can do. All organized in to little bags with a note in every bag.

The very same day my son got the school Elf with him home, so that was a hit. During the night they all had a huge snowball fight, and Elf snow landed on out glass door like this. 

My son, the always caring good boy he is, thought a nice bubble bath would be nice for those two snow cold Elves. (Get it bubble bath? Bubble wrap)

The next day the 2nd all the stuffed animals and Elf played "go fish" on the bed covers. 

The Elf was missing this morning so we decided to go for a walk with the dogs to see if we could find him. And there he was sitting in a pile of snow with this bag filled with chocolate caramel coins. How great.

The Elf got VERY homesick and locked him self in the freezer.

Must have been just cold enough for him (I know there's not any penguins on the North pole, but I have no polar bear figurines)

The little Elf has moved in, he made a door out of felt and just moved in. My son was overly happy.

Ohh ohh the Elf and all the stuffed animals has been on out tablet and ordered a Christmas game and been playing it all night. 

A sweet surprise for my son. He had to spell out a secret word to get Risengrød (ricepudding) for dinner. 

You all know what this is a whoopie cushion ;D 

Replaced the toothpaste with chewinggum yaii

Out Elf was found this afternoon sitting on the stairs next to a vase fillede with branches of spruce, they were decorated with tiny glass ornaments and bows. 
 That's a very good Elf!

 Today he left some magic sprinkles for my son. They had to be in a cup of sugar, and put in a dark closet for a day (My son had to stay overnight with another family) 

Then these grew up... yum...

Okay this time the Elf decorated a little in my sons back pack

 The Elf got trapped, he wanted to try on all the clothes in the closet, oh yes every single piece. But he lost his string when he tried the very first piece of clothes and the string had candy on it. So my son had to pull that string out to find all the candy. It was really fun, he even helped folding all the clothes as we went a long. It took a while, but is was fun.

Smoking is really bad for you, but Elf cigarettes are made out of chocolate!

 Time for some sweets. Our Elf left a super secret recipe for some delicious vanilla pretzel, and he made a sugar angel.  

Time for a foam bath, or rather a mini marshmallow bath. Gotta smell nice for Santa.

Ugh it's the 22nd and what a surprise we woke up to. My husband got some really lovely red nails over night.

And I got a mustache, needles to say I was not pleased, but the more angry I got the more fun my son thought it was LOL This really got him good, so funny to see him laugh and laugh. 

On the 24th he had decorated the tree with ALL of our socks, we found him sleeping like this. 

It's time! Our Elf need to go back to Santa to night to help him deliver all the presents in time. Tonight is the 23rd and to call for Rudolf you need a Christmas carrot and some magic sprinkle seeds. 

 My husband is helping 

 There, all ready for Rudolf. (or in our cause the dogs will probably eat the carrot LOL, but it makes it look like Rudolf really was here)

Okay my son got really upset and wanted to cancel Christmas because he would miss out Elf too much. So we arranged for him to return to us on the 25th of December and stay for a year. So that morning we found him on the tree with a little extra decorations for us

This was out Christmas adventure, I hope you got some ideas for next year, I will definitely do this again, it took a lot of planing, but really it was all worth it in the end. 

Merry Christmas everyone